Billing info

On Line Bill Payment via your bank is now available

Pre Authorized Debit now available: See Forms

Cheques are payable to Blazer Water Systems Ltd.

Terms & Conditions:

All bills are due within 30 days.  If not paid within 30 days interest will be charged at 18% per annum, calculated and compounded monthly on any outstanding balance.

The customer is responsible to pay in full and on time whether the bill has been based on estimated or actual readings.

If it becomes necessary to disconnect service for non-payment after 60 days, payment of the full amount due plus a disconnection fee will be required before service is reconnected. 

Reconnection will normally occur 24 hrs following payment of monies owed.

Failure to receive or loss of a utility bill cannot be accepted as a reason for either non-payment or from exemption of late payment penalties.

A deposit may be required if the payment record is not satisfactory.

Billing Concerns: Please e mail

Forms & Agreements:

Pre Authorized Debit Agreement

Meter Application Form

Owners Info Request Form

Moving Form