General Information

The Blazer Water System consists of…

Raw Water Intake & Pump Station

Raw Water Transmission Main

Irrigation Water Pump Station

Water Treatment Plant

Treated Water Storage

Potable Water Distribution Systems

Water Meter Information:

Want to view your read:
Shine a regular flashlight on your screen. There is a symbol of a flashlight on the meter so you know where to shine it.

NOTE: LED type flashlights won’t work for this.

Why is my water usage so high?

Remember- May to September is IRRIGATION/POOL season so if your irrigation is running it’s costing you money.

A normal sized garden hose left on can consume 17 m3 per day.
A leaking toilet can consume 5 m3 per day
A slow dripping tap can consume 0.5 m3 per day.
This is in addition to normal household consumption can really add up.

Please Note: Blazer will supply potable water & infrastructure up to the inside edge of the front property line. You are responsible for these types of issues within your property.
If you feel you have a problem you may want to investigate it yourself or call a certified plumbing company of your choice. We have used Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning and have had great service, feel free to give them a try.

Customers of Bearspaw Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Follow this link: TBA

Waste Water Forms:

Bearspaw Regional WWTP PAD Agreement