Water quality report

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Operational procedures are taken to maintain the free chlorine residue 0.50 mg/l and 1.50 mg/l leaving the water plant and this is monitored and data recorded 24/7 with alarms at both those limits. If we are ever out of those limits we would provide a water advisory notice on the website.

The maximum recommended free chlorine residual is 4.00 mg/l.

I smell & taste chlorine..
Some customers are not accustomed to the smell or taste of chlorine within the water and a question frequently asked is can I get rid of that? While there are whole home chlorine eliminators available on the market, we do not recommend them ourselves as the chlorine is present to protect the consumer.

We don’t add any fluoride to the water, however it is naturally occurring within our water source from the Bow Raver.
We do not do pH adjustments as we are within the limits.
The water is hard as we draw directly off the bow river and do not soften it in any way.
The water quality is excellent throughout the entire process.

Blazer is producing water with possibly the most state of the art system there is:
1 -Conventional Water Treatment.
2 -Dissolved Air filtration.
3 -Fine Sand Filter Media.
4 -Ultra Violet Treatment.
5 –Chlorination.

You can email your concerns to info@blazerwatersystemsltd.ca and your concerns will be documented. We want to see if we ever have complaints in a common area. We can also test in that area on a normal work day M-F if needed as our written log sheet only shows the current and daily minimum chlorine as required by our approval.

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